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Whether you have a flat tire or in need of new, we have you covered with our trained technicians and our parts department. We offer all brand name tires available and deal with the major tire distributors in Alberta. When you visit New Age Motors, we can inspect, balance and rotate your tires as recommended by the tire manufacture, or assist you with replacements.

When purchasing your tires new from New Age Motors, we offer free alignment checks with print out for peace of mind that your new investment will last. When you rotate them with us, we keep the records so you don’t have to, this way if your tire doesn’t last as long as the warranty states, we act on your behalf to get you replacements

Some helpful tips to keep your tires lasting trouble free.

  • Have you tires rotated regularly. Your tire manufacturer has specific recommendations that you must follow to maintain your warranty.
  • Keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure. Low pressure in your tires will contribute to reduced fuel mileage, premature wear and excessive heat buildup leading to tire damage.
  • Check for signs of excessive or uneven tire wear patterns. Uneven wear often is often an early tell tale of other problems on your vehicle. New Age’s technicians and mechanics will always look at your tires free of charge when servicing your vehicle.

If you have concerns with your tires, call us today at 1.780.612.9627 and we will book you in for a complimentary visual tire inspection.

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