Pre Winter

Pre-Winter Vehicle Inspection

Going into the winter months its always good to make sure you and your vehicle are ready to handle the cold.

Some things to consider are:

Emergency kit, small shovel, extra jacket or blankets to keep you warm in the event you went off the road and were stranded with no heat. Plan for the worst.

Here is a quick check list to ensure the basics are taken care of prior to winter.

  • Winter Rated Washer Fluid Filled
  • Wiper Blades
  • HVAC System
  • Tire Pressure Adjusted
  • Battery & Alternator Tested
  • All fluids Levels Checked & Coolant Strength Tested
  • 4 Wheel Brake Inspection
  • Tire inspection

New Age Motors offers Pre-Winter Inspection Packages that can be fully tailored to both your vehicles needs and your budget.

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