wheel re torqueing

Wheel Re-Torqueing

Every time you have your wheels removed,(for any service requiring wheels off) it is very important to have the wheel studs/nuts re-torqued back to your factory spec.

Failure to do so can lead to your wheel(s) to loosen up over time, and eventually falling and causing loss of control. In some cases, this leads to serious damage, injury and even death.

Too often wheels come off of vehicle and shoot into on-coming traffic damaging and injuring innocent people traveling on the road.

When driving and notice your vehicle starting to shake, slow down and move off the road safely. Get out and inspect your wheel stud/nuts. If you notice they are loose or missing, don’t attempt to drive, tighten or call someone.

For the safety of others as well yourself, please re-visit any tire or service shop for a quick re-torque.

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