Winter Tire

Winter Tire Swap vs Winter Tire on Wheel Swap

We are often asked the Pros & Cons of having dedicated winter wheels & tires vs winter tires.

Dedicated Winter Wheels & Tires:


  • Can install yourself if you have adequate tooling (jack, impact, sockets, torque wrench & TPMS tool)
  • Quicker to install at tire/service shop – Reason being, tires are mounted and balance already on wheels. This swap over process is approx. 20-30 min.
  • Cheaper for the swap over
  • You keep your summer wheels looking nicer longer – Typically when people buy nice summer wheels, they use their factory wheels for winter time use
  • They storage the same as just having winter tires – They take no more extra room.


  • Costs more upfront- You need to buy wheels, tire pressure monitor sensors (TPMS) in most applications, wheel studs/nuts
  • Sometimes the winter wheels don’t look as nice as your factory or summer wheels.

Dedicated Winter Tires Only:


  • Cheaper upfront cost – You are only buying the tires, nothing else
  • You can run your factory wheel all year round


  • You spend more money each season for tire swap- Summer to winter and again winter back to summer. This total cost twice a year is approx. $300
  • Each time you swap your tires over, you risk damaging the tire
  • Takes longer, approx. 1 -1.5hrs to carefully swap tires over

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